Zone 4 Skeet Championship (iShoot Update)

A Note from
Steve Johnstone
Zone 4 Vice President



Get Your Entries in to Participate

Hello Zone 4 Shooters,

I hope your shooting year is going well, and that you are looking forward to joining us for the 44th Annual Zone 4 Skeet Championships August 11-13.  For the first time ever, this shoot will be conducted in the iZone format.  My goal for this communication is to hopefully explain why we are doing this, dispel all the rumors I have been hearing, and provide some registration process help. 

In about a month, I will send Part II which will explain better how the shoot will be conducted on Zone weekend.  Hopefully, at the end of this, you will feel comfortable going out and getting registered, and have the information necessary to make the reservations you need for the weekend. As your shoot chairman, I can answer any questions you might have about the shoot.  If you ask me, you will get a correct answer and we can stop all the rumors that are spreading surrounding this shoot.


For some background, Zone 6 has been using this format for three years now with great success.  As shooters become more and more comfortable with using it, the feedback has been extremely positive and the participation numbers at registered events have pretty much doubled.  Zone 4 has experienced declining numbers for the last 5 years, and this makes it challenging to sustain our organization and the quality of our Zone 4 Championships. 

This one shoot during the year is our only opportunity to sustain our organization financially.  This past fall, the Board of Directors voted to try the iZone format this year to see if we could increase participation by cutting down on the travel for everyone and the associated expense involved with that.  I already know that we have a lot of shooters planning on attending their first Zone Championship this year because they don’t have to travel so far.  Clark Hartness, the Zone 6 President has been a huge help in mentoring us through the planning for this shoot to insure it is successful. So, that is the why behind the decision to try the iZone format.

We formed a planning committee comprised of directors from each state with the task of working with the state associations to determine a host site in each state.  It was decided early on to limit host sites to one per state, if possible, for this first shoot while we were all learning.  There is no limitation on the number of host sites we can have in future years, but we all felt that limiting the number this year would make it easier for us to manage for the first one.  So, each state was tasked with providing a host site. The locations this year are:

Alabama - Fort Rucker
Florida - Jacksonville Clay Target Sports
Georgia - South River Gun Club
North Carolina - Fort Bragg Clay Target Center
Puerto Rico - Asociacion Tiro Y Caza De P.R., Guayama, PR
Tennessee - Eagle Skeet Club
Tennessee - Memphis Sport Shooting Assn

So, let’s get you registered for the 2017 Zone 4 Skeet Championships.  Registration is being done online, and one person can register their entire squad.  If you are not part of a squad, you can register on your own.  You can find the link to overall program and links to each host site at

Once you decide which host site you would like to go to, you can get to the online registration page at

1.     Go to the “Select Shoot” drop down and click “Register now.”

2.     You will be presented the registration form for the host site you selected.

3.     If registering a squad, list each person in the desired shooting order, and include if a camping spot is desired.

4.     Enter your email address in the space provided (this is very important so we can communicate with you).

5.     List a contact telephone number.

6.     Enter your desired rotations and then click “submit.”


That’s all there is to it.  You are now registered and will be provided a printable receipt for your request.  Please pre-squad as soon as possible so that our host clubs can best formalize their squadding, RV requests, plan for referee and trap support and all the behind the scenes planning to make your experience the best it can possibly be!


As we get closer, I’ll be sending out more information as it becomes available as well as posting information at, check the website often for the most up to date information about the 2017 iZone 4 Championships.


Please reach out to me with any questions at Click here to send electronic mail .


I look forward to seeing you at the Zone 4 Championship

Until next time, Happy shooting!



Steve Johnstone
Zone 4 Vice President
NSSA National Director for Florida

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The "Zone 4 Skeet Association" is providing this information to inform Shooters of Skeet events being held in Florida and other Important Skeet Tournaments being held Nationally. It is the intent of the Florida Skeet Association to provide information regularly to Shooters.


Thank You
W. Tod Bowman
Zone 4 Sec. / Treas.
Zone 4 Skeet Association